Cappuccino Coffee Cream Dress or Skirt

TWO stretch bandeau patchworks to wear as SKIRT or DRESS

  • CAPPUCCINO - lined (in thick cream polyester) with black lace hem to lining, started from patch inspiration T-shirt print 'True Love Never Dies'.  Lined, suitable as 'dress'.

  • COFFEE CREAM - unlined with 3 inch cream fringing as hem: no brown print patches, only cream and black.  Unlined, suitable as hip slung skirt'.

PATCHWORK PLANNING: Initial placement organising of contrasting cream and black patchwork rectangles. When balance is achieved, machine in strips of 'down' columns. 'LOVE NEVER DIES' floral brown-gold printed T-shirt was the initial inspiration to match colours to.

Patchwork Making procedure

Cappuccino Cream

Shamanic Nights background image
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