Cappuccino Coffee Cream Dress or Skirt

TWO stretch bandeau patchworks to wear as SKIRT or DRESS

  • CAPPUCCINO - lined (in thick cream polyester) with black lace hem to lining, started from patch inspiration T-shirt print 'True Love Never Dies'.  Lined, suitable as 'dress'.

  • COFFEE CREAM - unlined with 3 inch cream fringing as hem: no brown print patches, only cream and black.  Unlined, suitable as hip slung skirt'.

PATCHWORK PLANNING: Initial placement organising of contrasting cream and black patchwork rectangles. When balance is achieved, machine in strips of 'down' columns. 'LOVE NEVER DIES' floral brown-gold printed T-shirt was the initial inspiration to match colours to.

Patchwork Making procedure

After joining patchworks in strips, its good to lay them out to assess size needed for skirt.

After cutting out all the patches available from garments, into piles; try out arrangements of contrasting tones evenly distributed.  Six varieties used here.

After deciding patches distribution, pin overlapping flat, (in rows) remembering their placements, then zigzag machine down.  It can help to do a straight stitch first, or pre-tack.  Repeat, joining long rows together.


Make backing for black lace with cream fabric. (Backing colours need to coordinate with overfall design)

Cut two pieces the same (black lace and lining); single stitch down edges before joining to other patches.

Uppermost bandeau piece over scissors: folded over, elastic encased, stretch cross-backstitch used.

Small black stitches are visible from the stretch cross-backstitch worked on the inside.  Zigzag stitches on patchwork joining visible.

Black lace was used, joining strips. Zigzag hem the lacy strip lengths, then pin and zigzag to dress hem.

Cappuccino Cream

Pin skirt section roughly to edge of stretch bandeau top.

First press over quarter inch hem to stretch top bandeau piece.  Pin stretch edge ready to stretch stitch on the inside. Outside of bandeau shows how pinning from other side shows. The other side so far unattached is shown with pressed hem.

Pin spaced along top and bottom. (Stretch bandeau has been pressed hemmed, as has patchwork skirt piece) Pin front - back - sides first: then place pins in between, evening out the fabric fullness.

Stitch was experimental: two rows.  Backstitch which holds folds but gives stretch facility. See lining attachment for close more accurate stitching details.

Lining fabric is cut on the bias, so it stretches more, as it wasn't quite wide as the patchwork skirt piece; so will stretch with the gathers of the patchwork skirt section.

Attatching lining

On a dummy, (or person) allow lining to fall and cut in line with outer skirt. Cut one inch longer if hemming needed. I decided to add another fabric hem to this one.

Adding a further hem to lining in contrasting print to the black lace, creates another contrast detail interest. Press hem print 1cm forward and lining hem backwards; before machining in two places.

When dress top hangs over lining, the added light print shows, which gives added contrast behind the black lace.

Shamanic Nights background image
Images copyright Amelia Jane Hoskins Please email for use permission.