Lace and Feather Star Tabard top

Tabard style top with silk painted Feather Star design

Experimental styled top to enable centre focus silk design piece, using happenchance fabrics which coordinate.  Silk painted to match. I enjoy exploring garment shapes rather than following traditional shapes.  Rectangular shape front and back, apart from sloped shoulder seams.  Side panels of printed grey voile are part of rectangular form, hanging loose as a decoration joined under 'sleeve' form.  Using cotton lace as top enables stretch fit to shape over bust 36" - 38" max inches.  Using a darted blouse for back section utilises a waist shape for a slight fitted appearance. Side panels slightly flared cut. Shoulder to hem 31".  Hip max 38".

LACE AND FEATHER TABARD available £85.00 Direct from maker.  (new purchasing coming soon...)

MAKING: For making a larger size, increase width of top (sleeves).  Or make side decorative loose panels narrower. Its all only a rectangle joined in quirky way.  If lace top is cut wide enough to drop to elbows, size will be naturally larger and loose. Two more garments coming in this style, with silk paintings 'blue roses' and 'sycamore leaves' will be wider cut as loose tabard.  Neck edging is fiddly because I used linen. The lace needed gathering stitches to secure shape first. Quicker would be a double faced top piece; but the see through lace is a main feature. Front buttons work. [See Main Gallery procedures below]

SILK PAINTING:  Feather Star design painted over woad dyed Ahimsa silk: a weak pink-lilac woad result used as starting colour inspiration for coordinating fabrics: voile print (tiny feathers on grey), pale flesh linen with applique, and grey cotton lace.  Dotted border designs behind feathers were created by dabbing dye through lace. Silk painted panel was too dull after steaming (which often happens with Ahimsa silk, but not with Habotai) so grey cotton lace was appliqued behind before cutting away the space between. Feather edges were zigzagged down on the lace.  The cut away silk had been charcoal Feathers could be embroidered for more of a feature. [See Main Gallery below]

Main Gallery:  Silk Painting and Tabard making

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