Cappuccino Bandeau Dresses

Patchwork Bandeau Dresses or Skirts

Cappuchino 'A'  - LINED patchwork with black lace hem.  Feature patch of coffee toned autumn leaf print 'True Love Never Dies', which inspired the dress. Lined with soft cream stretch polyester.  (see making photos). Cotton, viscose and lace patches in creams, coffee and black with black/beige stretch cotton bandeau top, which is convertible into a skirt waistband.

CAPPUCHINO 'A' available : £95.00 - Direct from Maker.  (new purchasing process coming soon...)

Cappuccino 'B'  - unlined patchwork with cream hem fringe.  Back view.  Same patch fabrics as Cappuccino 'A'; cotton, viscose and lace patches in creams, coffee and black with stretch cotton bandeau top, which also converts into a skirt waistband.

CAPPUCCINO 'B' available:  £75.00 - Direct from maker. (new purchasing process coming soon...)

Patchwork of thin fabric types with interesting prints in cream, beige, black; zig zag machined together.

Bandeau attached to patchwork with back stitched zig zag, by hand.  See making photos.

Note:  White fringed dress is unlined.  Black lace hemmed dress is lined and so warmer with no transparency.

Note:  Model is tall

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