Purple Shimmers Robe Dress

Purple Shimmers

Kimono Robe Dress

Original dress design has loose waist deep kimono type sleeves with contrast fabric print turn-backs, joined at centre bust seam position front and back.  Cut gives close back fit.

Collar design extends down bust front and is enclosed into high waist seam, which is slightly gathered front and back under bust line.

Adjustable lace-up front: 36" tied tightly, 40" tied loosely.  Front does not open.  Length shoulders to hem is 41" with 10" front slit.

One front pocket.  Lining: Purple linen for bodice. Purple polyester satin for skirt.

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Treasure Trove Purple Range

Purple taffeta - Navy viscose spot print - Purple silk - Purple polyester lace - Navy viscose floral print - Purple linen -   Black/lilac/white  viscose print


Purple Patchwork Coordinating

Jumble fabrics, in order to see how well they go together which gives a good indication for patchwork. Violet velvet not used.


PURPLE SHIMMER available £175.00 direct from maker  (New purchasing coming soon...)

Similar sister dress:  Shorter kimono dress in black-red-peach-mauve-cream prints has same shaping, but with shorter sleeves and extended collar front flap to hem.  See Gallery Post  Aldebaran

Purple Shimmers Robe Dress - Making Process

Patchworks are variable rectangular according to material available.  An equal number of colour/design patches is usual, but to satisfy a certain colour collection, some fabrics are shorter and some longer depending on stock, adding another charming aspect. (Click to enlarge images into Making Gallery)

Purple Shimmers Kimono Dress - Fashion Gallery

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