Greensleeves Jacket

Greensleeves Jacket  -  Inspiration was the black and green velvet devore print and the grey voile with grey green devore print lines.  Chosen greens are of a similar hue of green, to coordinate.

Five fabrics in hues of jade green are combined in this summer evening jacket: Two dark toned, two light toned, and mid toned grey voile.  The polyester lining blouse is cream, with green and black print, with a little pink.  Chosen for the right hue of green to coordinate. The longer back curved higher to front has been followed in line with the black border welt all around; at neck, cuffs, front and hem, which is utilised for the border around external patches.  

Fabric Choices

Top back

Dark green, jade and black velvet devore print

Center top back

Black, green and white stretch cotton print

Centre left

Pale green viscose fine floral print adds light

Centre right

Leopard polyester print in white, greens and black adds highlight contrast interest

Bottom left

Grey green voile devore

Bottom centre - Brighter jade velvet devore print

GREENSLEEVES available: £95.00 - Direct from Maker (new purchasing coming soon...)

Jacket Front

Front has frill, a continuation of decorative back collar; stitched underneath front patches edge, then top stitched 1cm/0.5inch to keep position.  One button has rouleaux loop attached behind previous buttonhole, which has been stitched closed.

Patchworks are overlapped, zig-zagged together directly on to the lining blouse avoiding lumpy seams.


Collar is already the black welt on the lining blouse utilised as it is double fabric.

A frill is added to give some form to the area, made by joining short patch lengths; and continues down the front of the jacket.

MAKING Gallery

  • Starting base for jacket was a polyester loose blouse or house pyjama, with useful black kimono styled edging.
  • Procedure is to fit patchworks onto the existing garment turned inside out on to a dummy, which results in the integral lining.
  • Photos show pinning to under blouse.  Starting at the neck and shoulders, once they are done, the lower patches are easy to place.


Images copyright Amelia Jane Hoskins Please email for use permission.