Skirts winter – Plum Velvet

Three Skirts - Plum Velvet and Wool

Sumptuous aubergine-velvet fading to champagne peach.  Panels create wide flare with triangular insets of lilac/cream 'mille fleur' voile edged in antique-peach lace.

Wool tweed 'V' shaped cummerbunds for warmth (lined).  Skirt sections gathered into cummerbund on the diagonal.

Frilled hems:  Plum 1 has cream polyester.  Plum 2 has purple/black butterfly print. 

Cummerbund could be worn as dropped waist on smaller waist sizes.

Plum Velvet - Skirt No. 1

Full circular skirt in velvet panels (champagne peach at front, dark plum at back); 2 triangular organdie inserts front and back; lace strips at sides, cream poly-satin frill behind hem.

SIZE: Length 20 inches. Waist 29 inches.  Click photos for each skirt gallery.

AVAILABLE: Direct from Maker - £75:00

Plum Velvet  - Skirt No. 2

Semi-circular skirt in velvet panels gathered to wool cummerbund:  (champagne peach velvet front and back, dark plum at sides); 4 triangular organdie floral insets to front, back and both sides; butterfly print hem frill; wool cummerbund.

SIZE: Length 9 inch. Waist 30 inch (can be worn dropped)

AVAILABLE: Direct from Maker - £75:00

Plum Velvet - Skirt No. 3

Plum Velvet No. 3 - has fully flared circular skirt in many patch panels of beige, coffee and lilac flowered organdie.  Wool tweed cummerbund with skirt panels stitched flat behind. Frill of purple/navy butterflies is stitched on cummerbund center back and front.  Lace and velvet gathered front pocket.

SIZE: Length 21 inches.  Waist 31 inches.     Slider Gallery below.

AVAILABLE: Direct from Maker - £75:00

Plum Velvet No. 3 - Making

  • Cummerbund, interface and lining are the same as in Plum Velvet 1 & 2. Except additional frill is added across cummerbund.
  • Plum Velvet 3 has different panels than Plum Velvet 1 & 2.  The cummerbund thicker traditional lower seam is avoided by machining layers over one wool cummerbund layer only.
  • Skirt panels: fabrics are laid on flat surface, panel tops cut at angles to cummerbund side ‘V’, wider at tops, to be gathered behind cummerbund.  (See making photos)  Allow more gathering for larger sizes, but the angles produce a fully circular skirt. 
  • After joining panels, and gathering tops by hand, PRESS well to size to fit into cummerbund, then place between outer cummerbund and inner cummerbund lining.  Machine cummerbund down over panels. On inside turn and press lining to sew by hand.  if you press all together well and tack, both sides can be machined in one action.
  • Hang on dummy or model to cut hem appropriately to style. ‘Handkerchief ‘ points at hem of each panel are worth considering at this point.
  • Plum Velvet 3 has side buttoning instead of zip.  A frill is added to use seam gap as buttonholes, to avoid cutting wool thicknesses.  Adjustable sizing is possible by placing buttons either on seam edge or half inch-one inch further towards back than the exact side.
  • Plum Velvet 3 has a poche, a gathered front pocket.

PLUM VELVETS  -  Making Gallery

Plum Velvet No.1 & 2:  Cummerbund making - Triangle Inserts - Skirt Panel Joining - Frill adding to hem

Plum Velvet No. 3:   Cummerbund has added frill - skirt is formed in panels gathered at cummerbund 'V'.  See last photos in gallery below.  Pocket is gathered. Side opening has buttons.

Individual photos have brief instructions on making procedure. CLICK INTO HIDDEN IMAGES BELOW

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