Aldebaran Lace Up Short Dress

Aldebaran - inspired by the red roses and star-like flowers on black prints, just as galaxies and stars look like in deep space.   Aldebaran "The fiery eye appearing red in a V-shaped star grouping that forms the face of the Bull.   An ageing and huge star with computed diameter between 35 and 40 solar diameters!"

Dress Feature - Satin faced rouleaux looped lace-up front

Lace-up ties help the dress to fit well, according to individual fit at bust and waist.  Black and pink satin facing behind lace up is separated both sides to allow dress to be left open. High waist style gives fitted back bodice.

Collar in spacey tie dye print is extended down front of dress both sides, to give a faux kimono look.

Loose fit three quarter length comfortable 'kimono' styled sleeves extend from high waist line, with sleeve seam joining bodice at 'princess seam' centre bust and centre shoulder lines.  Collar extends down full front for decoration.  Kimono Dress modelled on small woman (UK size 6).  Dress fits 34" to 37" bust.

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Aldebaran Dress

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