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Jerkin Dress D'ARTAGNAN - Corduroy top, wool skirt, organdie under frill.

Jerkin Dress'D'Artagnan II'  -started with a corduroy skirt turned upside down, so that the lower flared part became the shoulders; cut and shaped for cap sleeve shape.  Front buttons are antique metallic styled.  Skirt is wool patched with corduroy border; lined with silk organdie under skirt.

SIZE: Waist 30 inches, slim hips.  Bust 34 inches. Front length 36 inches. Back length 39 inches. Click Gallery to view images.

Jerkin Dress D'Artagnan I (Sold)  Made using a similar black on brown printed corduroy as D'Artagnan II.  Taffeta patches, sleeve caps. Black/tan coordinated cotton print collar, and side 'V ' flare insets.

Jerkin Dress Linen and Cotton Tartan MULBERRY WALNUT (Sold)

Jerkin Dress Mulberry Walnut - modelled by Boo, bought by Laura.  Like the other brown jerkins, this uses skirt or trousers upside down, so the base of the garment becomes the shoulders, naturally forming the capped sleeves.  Shoulder seams are cut sloping for good fit.  'Skirt' or 'trouser' pieces will hang straight at front and back, but need extending under arms and hip sides with triangular patch insets. 

The garment is coordinated by using the of contrasting red/grey/black linen/viscose tartan for side panels, collar, pocket and front button welt, with pleat at the back.  Front pocket floral applique detail was taken from the original garment fabric.

This was a popular style and sold on first showing at a craft fair. Both ladies were in black jumper and leggings which was exactly the combo I had envisioned it worn with.

Jerkin Dress Rustica (Sold) has usefull two-buttons: enables wearing loose over woollens or tighter over T-shirts.

RUSTICA was bought by craft show visitor and restaurant owner Ayse

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