Bluebird Kimono

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BLUEBIRD - Modelled by Giorgia.   Simple one front button.

Kimono BLUEBIRD uses totally unique combination of nicely hanging fabrics: silk, polyester, polyester voile and viscose, for easy leisure wear, as dressing gown, or beach dress.   Front welt edge which forms kimono styled collar is identical to lining as a floral black/blue/yellow viscose shirt was used as a base to build the garment on.  Lining garment was extended with black fabric with turquoise flowers seen where extended to front to form 'hem'.

SIZE:  Loose all-size fit.  Three quarter length sleeves below elbow.  Up to 41inch bust. (105cm)  Back length 36.5 inches (92 cms)

No pockets.

BLUEBIRD available £175.00 :  direct from maker.  Price reflects one-off silk painting and full viscose lining.

(new purchasing coming soon...)


SILK PAINTING :  Front middle panels on left and right sides.  The silk painting was originally done independently, then blue coordinates were chosen from materials stock recently to create this garment.

Inspirations from Hopi Pottery of birds and seeds, from which I amalgamated an abstracted design. The blue bird-like image was from a stylised maize shooting from seed.  Hopi designs of birds and seeds had similarities of stylisation.

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