Lilac Angel and Jamaican Rum

Lilac Angel and Jamaica Rum dresses modelled by Airbnb international student guest

'Lilac Angel' dress took inspiration from a lilac linen dress and a tie dye lilac/purple/cerise sarong: designed with teenage festival goer in mind. The satin collar was taken from the hem of the linen dress and the shinyness of the scarf inspired a 'fairy' or 'angel' theme; where the sarong fabric is used like dropped 'wings' at the back.

An additional coordinate fabric; cream cotton with lilac lined flower print used as front and back inset for fullness, as linen dress was straight tight.

LILAC ANGEL available: £45.00 Direct from Maker.  (New purchasing coming soon...)

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Jamaica Rum dress took inspiration from the vintage styled textile print of a rum advert. The cotton cerise top was taken from a T-shirt find, due to perfect colour match, and has 'rum advert' cut print appliqued on the back.

The additional patches and gold silk with white/black floral illustration was chosen as it linked with the gold and black outlines in the 'rum advert' print.  Used as casing for gathered elasticated empire line and extra patches on skirt.  The green hem is the same colour as the green in the 'rum advert'.

This is an example of how serendipity creates the garments, when colours and prints are spotted with potential coordination, which my imagination combines.

AVAILABLE:  £45.00. Direct from Maker

Lilac Angel and Jamaica Rum Fashion Gallery Plus 'Making'


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