Jade Garden Robe

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PATCHWORK ROBE Jade Garden in furnishing cottons and green taffeta. Suitable as summer coat, or house coat, as seen modelled by Coral on a cloudy day in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Robe unbuttoned. Belt modelled not available. Robe has linen sash.

Warm robe, in thick cottons, with full 'coat-collar'.  Below knee length.   Front buttons with texture and pewter finish.  Lining: soft thin brown cotton (upper) and cream satin (lower), with cream satin sleeve lining which shows when folded back as cuffs.  Belt in photo no longer used. Robe belt is now wide linen sash.

Robust fabrics, washable at 40 deg even 60deg, but synthetic green taffeta cannot be ironed hot.

This robe is one of the early ones which started out intended as a quilt! ...before I diverged into dresses.

Very warm and smart at any time, it would make a good gift for a housebound lady who might be in a period of convalescence.

Alternatively it could certainly be a summer coat.

JADE GARDEN is available:  £125.00. Direct from maker (new purchasing coming soon...)

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