Blue Herons Silk Painting

Blue Herons Silk Painting

Dress in hand painted silk exploring heron birds and water patterns

Design is based on herons catching fish: water movement gives inspiration for the wavy lines and circles, with streamlet star pattern from a centre point.  Silk design colour choices were based on fabrics for the garment inspiration; grey net, grey/brown stretch and brown loose cotton weave.

Blue Herons - Making

  • Top bodice is a strong stretch lace (grey/brown).  Strap pieces cut. Shoulder/sleeve pieces cut. Sleeve pieces have a dart cut, which shapes the shoulder downwards. No depth to sleeves which have grey net added as a hem decoration.
  • Sleeve/shoulder pieces zig-zag machined to strap pieces. Grey net hand stitched to stretch top, is an afterthought, to use the remainder of the fabric.
  • Grey voile used as an added hem below silk panels and brown cotton sides.
  • Click to enlarge photos.  See lower main gallery for additional sleeve frills and pearl button with 3 ruched pleats to lift dress at side.

SILK PAINTING PROCESS - Click photos for gallery view

Drawing is taped behind silk pinned on to frame.

Marker outlines can be traced on to silk with water soluble pen when held up to light or on a lightbox.  I trace basic outlines, then improvise directly when painting.

Main Fashion Gallery - Blue Herons Dress

Dress modelled by visitor at Shamanic Nights stall, Cockington Court Craft Fair.

Not currently for sale, as author is keeping for wearing at shows.  The same or similar painting can be made to commission in any colour-way to match your fabrics, or enquire for colourways available.  I have many lilacs, peaches, or pinks in stock for neck top, sleeves and lower border which I can photograph for option choices.

Images copyright Amelia Jane Hoskins Please email for use permission.