Dresses Cherry Fluzzie

Cherry Fluzzy A

A-line below knee version: panel patched skirt in purples, with white roses on black: attached to pink acrylic wool top, large pink buttons and 1" black rose print shoulder straps and.

AVAILABLE:  £50:00 - Direct from Maker

Cherry Fluzzie B

Short version with fuller flared A line skirt. Narrow black shoulder straps, large Chinese wooden buttons and multi toned silk hem frill.

AVAILABLE:  £65:00 - Direct from Maker

Cherry Fluzzy dresses - Making

Wool top:  Cerise pink acrylic wool top scarf, cut in half for two dresses.

Patchworks:   Burgundy lace  :  Roses print on black polyester  :  Purple/black abstract design on taffeta :  Pink/purple two-toned silk.  Button openings are functional. Skirt part is stretch stitched to wool top.

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