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15 Aug

Jade Garden Robe

PATCHWORK ROBE Jade Garden in furnishing cottons and green taffeta. Suitable as summer coat, or house coat, as seen modelled by Coral on a cloudy day in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Robe unbuttoned. Belt modelled not available. Robe has linen sash.

Warm robe, in thick cottons, with full 'coat-collar'.  Below knee length.   Front buttons with texture and pewter finish.  Lining: soft thin brown cotton (upper) and cream satin (lower), with cream satin sleeve lining which shows when folded back as cuffs.  Belt in photo no longer used. Robe belt is now wide linen sash.

Robust fabrics, washable at 40 deg even 60deg, but synthetic green taffeta cannot be ironed hot.

This robe is one of the early ones which started out intended as a quilt! ...before I diverged into dresses.

Very warm and smart at any time, it would make a good gift for a housebound lady who might be in a period of convalescence.

Alternatively it could certainly be a summer coat.

JADE GARDEN is available:  £125.00. Direct from maker (new purchasing coming soon...)

30 Dec

Jerkin Dresses

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JERKIN DRESSES -  Linen - Wool - Corduroy  - (Sold)

I enjoyed making these jerkins, and they had great appeal, as they are suitable for English weather, warn over T-shirts and leggings Spring and Winter

Using different wools together

RUSTICA - Printed scarf used at front and back. Wool check which continues on angle at front

D'ARTAGNON - back view shows skirt pleat inverted to give shoulder width, subsequently sold at pop up Art shop


Modelled by Boo at Exeter Arts Centre Crafts show

A favourite jerkin, utilised plain beige cotton/wool mix with colourful red check patched pocket, side vents, and collar.

Side vents were used because the beige fabric is taken from trousers, using the top part across the shoulders, with leg sections tapering down below hips.

Red check contrast fabric is from a Per Una skirt for side vent flares (seen clearly in this image), collar and pocket. Tabard sleeve edges bound in red check.

Wooden brown buttons add to the rustic feel.

Collar is large when opened and high fitting when closed against wind. Collar alone used vogue pattern; darted for shape. Uses lots of fabric.

23 May

Exhibition Totnes Costume Museum

Shamanic Nights exhibition at the Totnes Costume Museum

Curated theme - 'Innovation and Fashion' - 23rd May‭-‭ 14th June‭ ‬2011

Exhibition Curator Hilary Burns I remembered from 1970s Textiles Degree course. She studied weave; myself silk screen printing. Now a basket weaver, she had also moved to Devon.  It was uncanny how she spotted my work at a craft fair and chose for the exhibition.

Totnes Costume Museum Robe Oriental Cruise and Robe Mandarin


Robe in white linen and viscose prints shows black underside lapel of white linen collar and front edging (cut two collars contrasting) and two patch pockets.  Front has silk painted panels.  Robe is loose T-shaped structure in patches with no traditional tailored 'armhole'.  A diamond gusset is inserted under arm, under the 'T' join. Patchworks are large and long as originally intended for a bed quilt.

'Oriental Cruise' 

Exhibition featured first Robes made: using white, cream and ecru linens with viscose and cotton printed patchwork rectangles.

Upper left sleeve shows silk painted panel. Design was copied from a small scale print on robe, seen below arm, but with enlarged scale, and keeping same colours.

Robe sold.  A very pleasant scheme which may get revisited.

'Mandarin'  (sold)

Modelled by fashion student, at Cockington Court Crafts Fair

Short cotton Kimono Dress (furnishing weight):  deep no-fit sleeves and stand up 'mandarin' Chinese styled collar, sleeve turn-ups and bound edged side pocket.

Patchwork contrasts of white/black toile design and orange poppies/olive leaves.  Black and white striped lining.  Unusual colour contrasts for me, but used up similar heavyweight cottons

See more early original robes at Robes Summer Coats Originals

'Mandarin' - Making

Named for a Mandarin-style collar made with a strip on a curve (cut x 2 on bias): Piped edge in black; also on pockets.  Patchworks of equal 8 inch x 4 inch.  For attractive 'turn-ups', use contrasting fabric.  Sleeves have faux turn-ups by adding black lace layer below last black patch layer, which turns back to be stitched also 2 inches up inside lining, to reveal black/white striped cotton-satin lining.  The seam formed when stitching to lining,  gives a thicker strong line, which will enable a turn-up to sit at the fold-up nicely.

Dress hem is same black lace as end of sleeves. Adding a bottom hem layer 'frames' the garment together; cut double to stitch down inside, encasing the edges of the upper patchwork.   Dress uses same striped fabric for front facing lining for interest.


'Bluebird'  (sold)

Dress was also chosen for the Totnes Museum Exhibition.

Features three fabrics: olive silk, royal blue linen, with 'bluebird' printed cotton.

Independent fabric colours were a perfect match for each other, the green silk blending well next to the printed cotton.

Modelled by keen browser in rainy Exeter crafts market.


Patchwork robes can be bespoke made to your measurements with your own fabrics. Send me details of your measurements to adjust dummy. If you have an idea of colours, I can show you photos of coordinates in my collection.  Silk painting additional quote on enquiry.

Making fee for standard kimono styled robe with collar extended down front facing.  Style tweaks can be arranged.

Long large patches:   Short to knee - £160,  Ankle length - £200.00

Small patches 8 inch x 4inch:   Short to knee £220,  Ankle length £260.00

Extra materials cost would be lining, as I do not stock new, although I have some thin white cotton in stock.  Robes need lining.  Summer dresses need not, as patches are over laid zig-zagged.
Images copyright Amelia Jane Hoskins Please email for use permission.